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Where are you located?

Centered in Oswego, IL; I work by traveling to clients' homes with my portable studio equipment or on outdoor location in the area, including Naperville, Plainfield, Dupage, Kendall, Will, and Kane Counties.

A reasonable amount of travel is included with your session fee.


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What kind of photography do you do?

My background is in Fine Art photography. This site is set up to focus on clients looking for family, children, maternity, newborn, and other portraiture based photography; I am also available for events, and corporate clients including B'nai Mitzvah, headshots, products, and architecture/real estate.  If you have a photographic need, please email me for arrangements.


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How much do you charge?

Events are charged on an hourly basis, this includes all finished images from your event with the appropriate license. I don't "shoot & burn" and turn-around time of finished images can take up to 8 weeks depending on the length and type of event. A deposit of half the estimated time is required to reserve the event date.
For product/real estate/headshot clients, please contact me.
Please visit the
Investment page on this website to see my portrait pricing.


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How long is a portrait session?

Your portrait session is set to be approximately an hour of shooting time.  For in-home-studio sessions please allow up to an additional half hour before and after for set-up and break-down of the equipment.


If you are scheduled for a newborn or infant in-home-studio session, please take the set-up time into account and do not put Baby in any outfit that would get spit-up on or make them uncomfortable until right before we begin shooting.


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What happens after my photography session?

After your photography session, I will upload your retouched images to a password protected gallery on my website.  You will get an email with a link to the gallery and the password.

The session gallery will remain available for a minimum of 60 days.  You can order a package, prints, and/or files directly through the gallery website, or by sending an email to with the list of image numbers with print sizes and quantities of each.


If you like, we can arrange to meet you at a local coffee shop to review your session proofs to help make your selections for no additional charge.


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My session includes X number of files, do I chose which ones or do you?

You always choose which images you order. If you have a hard time deciding or just want help choosing, I can arrange to meet with you in your home or at a local coffee shop to go over your proofs with you at your convenience. I offer this proofing session free of charge to all of my clients.

You take really nice photos, you must have a really expensive camera.

First off, while not technically not a question, I hear it often.  There is a lot more to a photography than megapixels.  

I could go into the diatribe about chefs and their expensive ovens, but I will refrain. 
The expensive BFA hanging on my wall is more than a decoration.



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I love this photo, what set of "Photoshop Actions" do you use?

I do not use pre-fab Photoshop Actions in post-production.  I just use Photoshop to refine each individual image to its fullest potential.

I try to keep my style simple and timeless, leave the filters to Instagram; everyone thought the laser light backgrounds were "cool" back then too.  I cover up bad photos by deleting them, not putting a filter over them.

If there is a particular style that would fit your home decor, I can 
accommodate almost any look you are after, just ask.



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I own Photoshop, can I get a discount if you give me the raw files and I do my own editing?

No.  I never give out raw files.  Professional photographers do not give out raw files.  

Again, with the chef comparison, you would not go to a restaurant and ask to get a discount if they gave you the ingredients and you cooked it yourself.



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Can I buy the copyright to the photos?

Per United States copyright law title 17, the photographer retains the copyright to all of their work and derivatives thereof.

When you purchase the files from your session, you will receive a license to use those photographs, and the particular usages licensed to you will be outlined in the provided contract.  Any violation of the license or claiming the copyright as your own is against the law, and within my rights as the copyright holder to take legal action against violators.


I offer two different kinds of licenses. One is for all personal usages, including printing, but not including resale or any usage that would result in a profit.  I also offer a smaller resolution file with a small watermark logo for digital sharing usages only.  This is an inexpensive way to "own" the photos from your session and share them with friends and family online or in a digital picture frame.  The lower resolution files looks great on any screen at almost any size, but will not print well.  I understand there is rampant pirating in this area, and the lower resolution is my protection against license infringement.


If you would like a print, please order one, or purchase the license to do so yourself.

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