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Landscape Reflections in Gallery Glass

 I was at the Albright-Knox, looking at a landscape, when I caught a reflection of the piece behind me in the glass of the frame.

What if we could be shown the scene behind the camera?  Is what isn't shown as important as what is?  What is landscape?  Who is the author, nature or the photographer?  These questions fuel my project with the working title "Reflections". 
This is only a portion of the images in the project.
All images in this series are shot on a Hasselblad 501CM 80mm lens on TMAX and Fujichrome, printed full frame.
I am continuing to explore this project.  Originally shot on film, these are scans
of the transparencies only representing the final work.

All photographs are ©​Carrie Lapidus all rights reserved.​

Antelope Island Driftrwood